Sept. 15, 2022

Earlier this week we held our annual, in-person USMB staff meeting in Wichita. It was a good time for building relationships; getting to know the newest staff member, Brian Harris; eating together and doing some solid brainstorming for the upcoming months. We have a great staff, with each person doing a tremendous job with their assigned tasks, often going above and beyond expectations. Please pray for these hard workers who serve on your behalf: Donna Sullivan, Connie Faber, Janae Rempel, Brian Harris, J.L. Martin and Lori Taylor.

Prayer requests/news:
1. I’ll be heading for Butterfield, Minn., over the weekend to be present for the 100th anniversary celebration for Butterfield Community Bible Church. Current pastor Tim Hall will be joined by some of the church’s previous pastors and others as the church remembers the past and prepares for the future. Pray for them this Sunday!

2. A new round of LEAD Cohorts has just begun. We can still get you into a cohort if you’re not yet in one. If you haven’t been involved in a LEAD Cohort, you’ve been missing out! You can find the list, with leader and content descriptions, here:

3. A sub-group of our National Strategy Team (NST), the Congolese Task Force, has been working over the past few years to bring unity and direction to the increasing need of connecting new Congolese immigrant churches and leaders with our USMB family. This exciting work is building! The Task Force realizes that this will be on ongoing ministry, not only with the Congolese churches, but with other immigrant groups who also are pursuing a place to belong. Pray for us as we develop these relationships and provide pathways for membership and also direct involvement with our existing MB churches. This involves all of us!

4. Other leaders and I are currently dealing with a couple of really tough situations. Without going into specifics (sorry), I ask you to pray for wisdom and discernment for me and others as we navigate these issues.

5. The Christian Leader has a new look! The redesign was revealed in the September/October issue. Connie, Janae and designer Shelley Plett worked hard to give the CL a fresh new look. Let me or them know what you think.

6. The USMB Board of Faith and Life, National Strategy Team (NST) and USMB Leadership Board/Council will hold meetings in Denver, Oct. 5-8. There are many crucial issues and important decisions to be made. Please pray for board members, and for discernment, wisdom and guidance as they prepare. Plus, if you have an item you’d like to share with one or more of these boards, please email it to me. Also, please be especially in prayer for the five new Leadership Board members as they begin their terms at this meeting.

7. Last week we sent out a fall donation appeal letter. If you have a moment, please read that letter and respond as God leads. Please pray that God would supply the financial need for USMB from both churches supporting and through individual donations. I receive a lot of joy as people give to help support all of our USMB ministries.

8. On a more personal level, my wife, Janna, just found out yesterday that the replacement knee she received three years ago is now badly infected. She’ll have the knee removed on Oct. 3 and a temporary device installed at that time, along with then receiving IV antibiotics for several weeks. Please pray that the infection can be resolved so that a new knee can be implanted in three months or so.

9. Multiply Board meetings are to be held Oct. 2-4 at Cedar Springs, Wash. There is much to consider and discuss. Pray for board members and also for new general director Bruce Enns, who began his work with Multiply in May.

10. Please pray for me that the Lord might grant discernment, direction, wisdom, compassion, understanding, gentleness and grace.

Thanks for your prayers!

Don Morris
USMB National Director

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