Shifting Sands: Developing Young Leaders in a Changing Landscape

USMB hosted a live webinar where we addressed the topic of the perceived leadership gap in our churches today. Statistics show that pastors are getting older, enrollment in ministry majors is on the decline, and our culture at large is dismissive of careers in the local church. With this truth in our USMB churches and other denominations around the country, how we can address this issue now and start preparing the emerging generation of leaders?

On this final LEAD Pods episode of 2023, we hear from Kyle Goings, Wendell Loewen, and Joanna Chapa to discuss this growing concern. The presenters share a wealth of stats and background that led to this decline, what trends they’re currently witnessing, and some initial steps we can take to better prepare leaders for TODAY–not just the future.

Listen here.

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