The Explicit Gospel


By Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler, lead pastor of The Village Church in the Dallas metro-plex, has written an excellent book pertaining to the truths centered on the gospel of Jesus, with a focus on what really happened on the cross and how it applies to people today.

Matt does a good job of explaining in everyday language how we got to the point in the history of man to need such a sacrifice. A large portion of content examines the creation, the fall, our need for reconciliation and how we, as individuals, can arrive at reconciliation. He also provides implications and applications of faith in Christ.

This is a great book for pastors, to reaffirm the meat of the Gospel message and how we must present that Good News today. It’s also written in a way that it can be helpful for those people who are seeking the truth but haven’t yet arrived at a point of faith. And, it would be a really good book for a Sunday School class or small group to study together. As Ed Stetzer writes, “I highly recommend this book to both believers and unbelievers alike.”

Book review by Don Morris, USMB National Director.

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