Use Falling Leaves to Reach Neighbors

It’s time for leaves! What better time to connect with neighbors—ones who might need a little help raking their yard.

This is a great opportunity for your small group, youth group or even one family to serve and bless others in your community. The idea is simple:  Grab some rakes and large garbage bags and head for people’s homes. To make it even more special, do a little research and target the homes of people who may be facing an illness, older folks or single parents.

When you are asking permission to rake their leaves, don’t ask for anything in return. Just indicate that you are followers of Jesus from ________ Church, and you want to bless them. Have your church’s worship service information handy on a card in case they ask, but don’t pressure them to attend. Just say, “You’re always welcome and we’d love to have you join us this Sunday!”

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