USMB Youth Webinar: Defining the Generations

This webinar is Part 1 in a webinar series titled, Millennials & Gen Z: A Crossroads of Change. The series will be hosted by Russ Claassen and the conversations will be led by Kyle Goings.
Almost 60% of Millennials (1980-1996) raised as Christians have walked away from the church and experts are expecting even higher numbers for Generation Z (1997-2012). What can the church do to reverse this trend? In these two workshops we will look at cultural trends, analyze the latest research and dive deeper into effectively impacting these two generations.
In this webinar titled Defining the Generations, we will discuss ways to effectively reach these young people, learn more about them and recognize the differences between previous generations and each other. Distinct characteristics and challenges facing each generation will be analyzed and discussed.
Kyle Goings is the national director of USMB Youth and is also the Student Ministries Pastor at First MB Church in Wichita, Kansas. Russ Claassen is the director of the USMB Youth Workers Network and also the Southern District Youth Minister.
This webinar series is sponsored by USMB and The National Youth Worker Network.

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