1:15 - 2:15


Raising kids with confident faith in a secular culture – Natasha Crain
It's no secret that large numbers of young people are leaving Christianity, in many cases due to the faith challenges posed by today's secular culture. Unprepared for the claims they hear against the truth of Christianity, they're unable to respond and are left ashamed and confused. Natasha will explain why teaching kids apologetics is a critical part of the solution, offers a framework for defining what it means to teach apologetics, and gives practical tips for doing so.


The lost art of shoulder tapping: Empowering the next generation – Kyle Goings
Join us where we will delve into the art of 'shoulder tapping' - a proactive approach to identifying and investing in young adults who show promise for ministry leadership or the pastorhood.  This workshop will guide you through effective strategies for recognizing potential leaders and how to initiate meaningful conversations that can inspire them to consider a path in ministry. We'll explore how to foster their spiritual growth, equip them with the necessary tools for leadership, and create supportive spaces where they can thrive.  Whether you're a seasoned leader or a newcomer to ministry it's about tapping into the untapped potential within your community and calling out the called in the next generation.


New resource launch party! – MB Foundation
Join us for fun and fellowship as we unveil a new resource for teaching millennials and their children about God-honoring money management!  By providing them with discipleship training in Biblical stewardship, we will equip them with an essential life skill to combat worldly consumerism and align their hearts toward God’s purposes and provision. If you are interested in teaching stewardship to the next generation, join us for the party!


Preparing our youth to be salt and light through Christian higher education – Dr. André Stephens and Dr. David Janzen
As cultural narratives shift on the purpose and value of college, we examine the role of Christian Higher Education generally and FPU and Tabor specifically as USMB ministries. We'll explore the confluence of career and character development, the effectiveness of our colleges as ministries, and reflect on the affordability and financial models of both institutions. We'll provide resources to equip parents, grandparents, pastors and lay leaders to help direct youth to the best next steps after high school. Finally, we'll report on opportunities for graduate, theological/biblical/ministry and non-traditional education.


Camaraderie and the pastor's well being – Curt Vogt
Pastoral ministry can feel isolated and loneliness can be a very real aspect of being a pastor.  Staying connected with other pastors can really help maintain a healthy life and ministry. Come hang out intentionally with us in this workshop and maybe you'll decide to meet remotely or digitally (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype) post-conference.

2:30 - 3:30


Q & A – Natasha Crain
Natasha will take questions on anything discussed in her keynote or workshop sessions.



Becoming salt and light: Learning to welcome a vulnerable posture in our pain and difficulties – Chandelle Claassen
In a faith culture that often encourages us to cope, be okay, and to be quiet about our troubles, it's vitally important to lean into the dark and difficult in order to more fully encounter Jesus. Allowing Jesus into our pain, helps us to understand His sacrifice and the freedom we have through it. People need to know how we get through hard things. And through this vulnerable posture, we become authentic salt and light for the world to encounter Jesus through.


Praying powerfully over our children – J.L. Martin and Kelsey Ensz
How intentionally do you pray for your children or children you love? Bedtime prayer and praying Scripture can become more than simply routine. Unreserved prayers have power and impact.  Hear more about two practical ways to engage in powerful prayer.  We'll also spend some time engaging in prayer for our children.


Reaching Muslims in your community – Nasser al'Qahtani
What makes Muslims distinct from other non-Christian neighbors in your community?  How can your church play a role in introducing them to Christ?  Come and learn what nearly 2 billion Muslims believe about God, Jesus and the afterlife and why the Gospel is good news that they desperately need to hear.  This workshop will include practical advice on evangelism and discipleship methods that have proven to be fruitful both here in North America as well as overseas in the Middle East and North Africa.


Small is big. Slow is fast. Reaching our neighborhoods and world in healthy and sustainable ways – Jason Quiring
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the demands of ministry. It’s common to get discouraged by the lack of fruit from our efforts. We’re bombarded with messages to try harder and to get bigger, better and flashier. Meanwhile pastors and leaders are burning out and people are leaving churches. Is this what Jesus called us to? Join us for a look at how Jesus lived out His mission and what it means for us to follow and join Him.

Children and Youth Activities
Activities for children and youth will be available for the pastors' conference, MB Foundation luncheon, and convention.


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