Mar. 1, 2022

In Psalm 46, the psalmist writes, “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” Some theologians believe that this Psalm was written in 701 BC at the time when Assyria was invading Jerusalem. It was a tenuous time, a fearful time. Verse 10 is a famous verse. “Be still, and know that I am God!”

Whether that sentence was a strong command or a gentle reminder is up for debate, but regardless, those words apply to our day. As the world continues in chaos, let’s be reminded that God is our refuge and strength. He calls upon us to be still and to remember that he is God.

Finally, the writer says, “The God of Israel is our fortress.” Yes. God is our fortress, our refuge, our strength. We pray this for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine as well: “He is always ready to help in times of trouble.”

Lord, help those who are facing and living in the midst of the worst that humans can bring against other humans – war and bloodshed. Lord, we humbly ask, be their refuge and strength!

Prayer requests/news:
1. There are several ways to provide assistance for our Ukraine brothers and sisters. Watch for an email with links to give through MB Foundation, Multiply or Mennonite Central Committee.

2. I and several other leaders met with a few Congolese leaders in Cincinnati over the weekend as we talked about ways in which we can continue to engage, assist, support, collaborate and connect with one another. We’re planning a Congolese summit for Saturday afternoon following the regular USMB convention in Kansas City. This will be for Congolese pastors/leaders for sharing, learning and worshipping together. Watch for more details. We need MBs and churches to help pay for one or more Congolese pastor’s lodging and registration so they can attend. We hope to have 30+ in attendance at this event. Would you help? And please pray for our Congolese brothers and sisters. We grieve that pastor Claude Tambatamba’s (Sioux Falls, SD) brother was shot and killed in Congo just days ago. Please pray for Claude and his family!

3.We need leaders for positions on national committees. We’re asking God for guidance for filling Leadership Board, MCC, Church Planting Council and other positions to be presented at the 2022 convention in Kansas City.

4. The CL Editorial Committee will meet March 10 to help determine themes and articles for the September/October issue of CL. Editorial Committee members have been tasked with thinking about and creating individual ideas and input and then we’ll coalesce those thoughts and provide joint direction. Please pray for this new team as we continue to move things forward.

5. USMB Gathering 2022: Please begin now praying for our speakers for the pastors’ conference and convention (July 26-30 – north KC area). You can get more info about the speakers here:

6. Please pray for our pastors/leaders and churches that are in transition. There are some USMB churches without pastors and some pastors without churches. Pray for right connections!

7. Please pray for me that the Lord might grant discernment, direction, wisdom, compassion, understanding, gentleness and grace.

Thanks for your prayers!




Don Morris
USMB National Director

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