Tweet it!

Here’s a simple idea to get a little more traction with your main sermon points, especially with the younger crowd:

1. Find two or three young people in your congregation who are willing to “listen” to your Sunday message and then use Twitter to tweet out your main point(s) in one or two tweets either during your message or immediately following.

2. You might also ask these young people to get their friends to be followers of both them and you (yes, you can tweet!), so that you know their tweets about your message are reaching the right crowd.

3. Then use Twitter to connect during the week with your new “followers” by tweeting about your upcoming sermon or by re-emphasizing the main point(s) of your last sermon.

Or, you can just tweet out something sage and wise – you’re now “cool” with the younger part of your congregation!

*About the author: Don Morris is the USMB national director. Follow him on Twitter. Don and his wife, Janna, live in Edmond, Okla., and enjoy their three children and 11 grandchildren. Don is a die-hard Kansas State Wildcats fan!

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