Being human is hard.

Whether you are a church leader navigating division and weariness, or a church member feeling hurt and vulnerable to shame, what if some of our weariness, shame or bitterness stems from misunderstanding our calling? What if we’ve replaced our primary calling with a secondary one? It’s time to reorder our priorities.

Amelia Banks

Join Amelia Banks (Penny & Sparrow Therapy) and Ben Connelly (The Equipping Group) for help to return to your primary vocation and find deep refreshment in your truest calling.

This is Part 2 in a two-part series which includes two webinars and two weeks of personal reflection. Gather your staff leadership team or your small group to watch the webinars and work through the exercise together (link below).

Ben Connelly

Reshape needed areas of your heart, soul, mind and strength as we help breathe life into both your soul and your ministry. Our goal is that we end this brief training season better equipped to serve and lead with joy and fulfillment.

Living Your Callings

There are also two upcoming events hosted by the speakers:


This webinar (Part 2) was live on Mar. 14, 2023

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