Faith and Life Committee

The Central District Faith and Life Committee watches over the spiritual welfare of the churches and advises and aids them when serious questions relating to doctrine, conflict, and church polity arise. The Faith and Life Committee licenses and ordains pastors based on the request of local churches and the qualifications of individuals seeking credentialing.

The Faith and Life Committee coordinates ongoing theological training for pastors and churches. Another function is to plan Pastor’s Retreats to provide fellowship and enrichment to pastors of the Central District.

Members of the Faith and Life Committee are:

  • Dan Strutz, Chair, Yale, SD
  • Melissa Hanna, Secretary, Omaha, NE
  • Anthony Lind, Huron, SD
  • John Langer, Gettysburg, SD
  • Samuel Hailemariam, Avon, IN
  • Steven Stout, Omaha, NE

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